Yoga Kiev & Paphos, How Lucky are We

At Padme Hum Yoga Kiev Cyprus we offer one to one private yogas, personalised to suit your individual needs, as well as small group sessions and classes. the possibilities are amazing.

You may be a beginner with an interest in starting on your yoga journey, which us here at Padme Hum believe the beginner is the most important person in the studio! and the yoga journey progresses right through to the experienced Yogin /yogis looking to deepen your existing practice…

If you are interested in booking yoga class or private yoga sessions then please contact via email to discuss further, Yoga Kiev & Paphos classes have numerous classes morning noon and night

Yoga  Studio Limassol

Yoga means union /unite between mind, body and soul. A regular practice of Ansana (physical posture) Pranayama (Breathing) and Meditation can enhance overall well being and improve strength and flexibly within the body.

Yoga Paphos Classes

Yoga is more than just a physical practice it becomes a way of life, a state of being. Yoga is proven to reduce stress and can help to release physical and mental tension within the mind and body.

It can help you explore physical and emotional boundaries and connect with your inner power …. The true self.

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of a range of styles and disciplines.

Our aim is to provide inclusive yoga to all.


We offer private one to one session and weekly group sessions. Suitable for all levels, you may be recovering from illness or injury, starting your yoga journey or wanting to deepen your practice.

The classes incorporate a range of styles based on the Hatha yoga system, from deep restorative to dynamic yoga flow. Inspiring yoga taught from the heart

Yoga Kiev & Paphos

Yoga Kiev

We are small and intimate Yoga retreat and studio in Cyprus, our attentiveness on detail and giving not just the yoga  experience, but a whole wealth rejuvenating fun, how lucky are we.

Morning classes are energising and invigorating, whilst evening classes are restorative with an emphasis on yin yoga, the poses are held for longer allowing for more relaxation.

The teachers are dedicated, passionate and each demonstrate there own unique style reflecting there own personal  yoga experience and wisdom….. Your leave us happy healthy and re-energised

Yoga Cyprus and meditation classes taught daily,  to replenish to nourish the body mind and soul.